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An analysis & review of: Timberline (Part 11 of 15) — What Property Management software is everyone using?

by Michael Levy on November 28, 2011



Timberline property management software was mentioned the tenth most often in response to a question posted on one of the property management groups ("Property Management Professionals") on LINKEDIN.  The question someone asked was, "What property management / accounting software is everyone using?".  Hundreds of property managers responded to this question.

Here is an analysis of what was said about Timberline software based on an analysis of the first 350+ responses:

SUMMARY for Timberline Software:

The feedback on Timberline was quite mixed.  In particular, several people mentioned how Timberline was not very user friendly.


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DETAILED ANALYSIS of Timberline Software:

PROS for Timberline Software:


  • Not difficult to use and works quite well.


  • Great for the management of multiple companies.
  • They specialize in construction and PM solutions and I would recommend looking at their software.
  • Very robust software package – covers accounting and property management nicely.
  • I like the work order integration.
  • It is very powerful and dynamic.
  • I find it more effective from development accounting than operating.
  • The Lease modules & Facility Management modules are useful and good.
  • Timberline is excellent with the critical provision that the initial transition to the software is implemented correctly and any and all Property Management modules are added.

CONS for Timberline Software:


  • I find it to be non-user friendly.
  • It is not user friendly.
  • Timberline is so user UNFRIENDLY.


  • It is so powerful and dynamic, it is not easy to master and may take several years to do so. We are a small company and this is not a small company software package.
  • Drawback is it does not have Fixed Assets module.
  • Timberline is very date sensitive in the Property Accounting module and may cause a spider web of issues.
  • I have to rely on several third party service providers for add-on functionality. We have to use these third party service providers as Timberline is not developing its own property management capabilities.  I find this troubling so I’ll emphasize, Timberline shows no signs of further developing its property management module. Relying on these third party vendors becomes problematic when they stop developing their own product to work with newer versions of Timberline. In addition, when a problem occurs, it is not always clear whether the problem is with Timberline or the software from the third party, so you get some finger pointing. You will then have to do more work on your own to identify the responsible party. I’m thinking about making a switch.


COMPARISONS: Timberline Software versus other property management software packages:

Versus Yardi:
MAJORITY: Prefer Yardi

  • I prefer using Yardi, because it is very user friendly. Timberline is much more sophisticated. You need to be an accountant sometimes to navigate through the ledgers.

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