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Tenant Horror Stories – everyone has them!

by Michael Levy on March 26, 2012

in #3: Finding Good Tenants, PROPERTY MGMT TIPS

100 Dollar Bills 1. Tenant called me up on Sunday, said “I’m moving out tomorrow since I just lost my job!”
(Month #2 of 12 month lease)

2. Tenant didn’t pay rent. Tenant evicted. Tenant vacates the
property. Tenant files for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

3. Tenant moves in. One week later, says place is
“uninhabitable” and wants to move out and wants me to pay all moving expenses. Tenant files complaint with city health department. (I’m cited for unlit pilot light on stove & chain off hook in toilet.)

4. Tenant on month-to-month rental agreement. I give 30 days
notice (as I’m going to sell the property). Tenant refuses to
vacate because they claim they have “verbal agreement”
with property manager for a 1 year lease.

5. Tenant moves out before doing a walkthrough of the
property. I discover they put a clay flower pot & potting
soil down the garbage disposal. They deny doing it.

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