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Occupancy Limits & Enforcement – Fort Collins, Colorado

by Michael Levy on May 13, 2010

in NEWS, Northern Colorado

u2-logo To avoid over-occupancy complaints, landlords and tenants should be familiar with The City of Fort Collins occupancy limit.  The "U plus 2" law or occupancy ordinance states:

[private_member]"Occupancy in a residential dwelling unit (single-family, duplex, and multifamily) is restricted to:
– one family as defined below (Section 5.1.2) and not more than one additional person;
– or two adults and their dependents, if any, and not more than one additional person."

Family shall mean an individual living alone or any number of persons who are all related by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship or other duly authorized custodial relationship, and who live together as a single housekeeping unit and share common living, sleeping, cooking and eating facilities. The occupancy limits are further defined in the Land Use Code 3.8.16.

Under this ordinance the following scenarios are allowed:
– a family (of any size),
– a family (of any size) and their nanny,
– a family (of any size) and an exchange student,
– two single parents, their kids, and a friend, or
– two siblings and one friend.

These are not allowed:
– two couples,
– two brothers and their 2 friends, or
– a family (of any size), a caretaker, and an exchange student.[/private_member]

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