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No More Hotmail? E-mail Service Gets Big Makeover

by Michael Levy on August 5, 2012

in National, NEWS

Man with PC PHOTOIf you have a Hotmail e-mail account, you’ll notice some big changes. For one, the name "Hotmail" has been replaced. Microsoft is renaming its popular Internet e-mail service to "" this week.

The 16-year-old Internet e-mail service is getting not only a new name but new features too, such as integrating with your social network accounts and allowing for easier ways to manage and sort your e-mail messages.

Those who already have a Hotmail account will still be able to keep their address or can sign up for a new address.

Hotmail, with 325 million users, is the leading Web e-mail service in the world. However, Google’s Gmail and Yahoo boast more users in the United States.

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