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Homeless Man Dupes Would-be Renters, Police Say

by Michael Levy on July 6, 2012

in National, NEWS

House PHOTOA homeless man posted a foreclosed home available for rent that he had no ties to on Craigslist, and then pocketed the cash from potential renters so that he could afford a place to live for himself, according to police reports.

Eric Sisson, 27, posted a foreclosed home in Ormond Beach, Fla., on Craigslist, saying that he just recently purchased it and wanted to rent it out. Two people responded to his ad, agreeing to rent the home and giving Sisson a total of $1,375 for the “fake” rental agreements, police say. 

In recent months, real estate professionals have been warning others about …

similar rental scams, in which scammers are using sites like Craigslist to post homes for rent that they don’t really own.

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